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  • Nicholas Inglis

Traffio Signal - Issue 1

Helping build your business

Welcome to the Traffio Signal Blog, learn about the latest updates and improvements from Traffio and insights into the Traffic Management industry both here and around the world to help you build your business.

The art of growing your business

Nobody knows your business like you. Did you know Traffio can help streamline your workflow processes, so you can focus on getting the job done.

Here are three simple ways to make the most of your Traffio for your business.

1. Set up multiple administrative users no matter where your staff are located

Flexible and remote working is now becoming the new normal. Traffio enables you to set up multiple users based on your specific business model. Staff can easily make last minute changes or schedule an emergency job from the comfort of their own home or in-field. Traffio has the flexibility to enable you to manage all bookings and accounts from one central office location, or various locations Australia wide.

2. Integrate Traffio with your accounting and payroll system

Get Traffio talking to your accounting and payroll system, so you stay on top of your finances while spending less time and effort. Traffio helps simplify your payroll processes, meaning you can pay staff on time and at the correct rate.

Traffio’s invoicing functionality generates invoices in seconds with relevant dockets and documents attached, ensuring invoice payments are sent out correctly and on time.

Now integrating with most major accounting software, Traffio exports your information easily. If your system plug-in is not currently available on our list of providers, let us know, and we will build a specific plug-in to fit your system requirements.

3. Go paperless with Traffic

Traffio has paperless functionality available on and off-site. Built-in timesheets and remote client signatures mean you can keep your job moving when it matters. You can also manage your compliance easily through Traffio’s electronic form function. Staff can access and complete the necessary forms electronically when convenient, and it will be stored for easy access when you need it.

Do you have a specific requirement for your business that will help you streamline your work flow? Speak to Traffio, and we will work with you to find the right solution for your business.

COVID-19 update

You can now automatically create work permits in Traffio for your depots affected by Stage 4 restrictions in Metro Melbourne, Victoria.

With our new feature to add Permitted to Work permits to our bookings, we’ve made it easy, contactless and time-effective for our customers. Making it faster than ever to get your teams on the roads.

Your Speed is our Safety

The Your Speed is our Safety campaign will be aired on television for the second time nationally in September. With a focus on getting motorists to reduce speed around roadworks, we urge you to spread the word and share the campaign videos to your communities and networks. If you see the cones, obey the Zones.

Streamline your business with Actiond and Traffio

The Actiond platform enables you to share information easily with your team, manage your assets and provides a continuous improvement on safety and compliance within your business.

Sign up now before the end of October 2020, and Actiond will waive the implementation fee.

Adapting to the COVID-19 world

Join Saul Wordsworth, host of the Traffic Technology International Podcast as he interviews JJ Eden, co-founder of the E-Z pass network in the US, about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting traffic today.



Manage vehicle bookings, inductions,
maintenance, garage locations and documents.


Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
inductions, leave and fatigue.


Manage equipment bookings and 
equipment maintenance.



Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately.

Streamline operations and eliminate double entry of data with Traffio’s intelligent payroll integration.

Traffio allows you to bulk and automate your invoicing, streamlining your invoicing efficiencies.

Always be connected to your staff with the Traffio App.

Traffio Integrates with popular third-party 
software, so you can find more tools to
streamline your

Traffio notifies you when renewal or expiry dates are approaching, helping you manage your safety and compliance efficiently.

Gain immediate and powerful insight into your daily operations to help you understand how to utilise your workforce and grow your business.

With Traffio’s equipment management, you will know exactly where your equipment is.

Digitalise your paperwork by having all your forms and documents stored in one place.

Store all your client and project details on one platform, making it easy to access contact details and booking information.

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