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Always be connected with your staff with the Traffio App


Keep your business moving with the Traffio App


Instant messaging in the Traffio App allows jobs and bookings to be confirmed on the fly, and team members can access everything they need on the road, with job details and work dockets accessible via the App. Traffio’s digital sign-off also makes it faster for you to invoice and process your jobs.

Digital forms on the go 


The Traffio App allows employees to receive documentation, view policies, procedures, job details, forms and upload photos digitally. With instant access to what's needed, make paper a thing of the past and sign on glass.

Communicate with your team

With everything accessible on the App, two-way communication ensures your workforce can see upcoming jobs, start times, work dockets, and specific details for each site.

  • In-App messaging to communicate with your workforce

  • Instant job confirmations 

  • Work Dockets

Sign-off now, not later


Digital docket sign off on the Traffio App, notifies you as soon as your team has finished a job. Meaning your admin team can close out and process jobs faster.



Manage vehicle bookings, inductions,
maintenance, garage locations and documents.


Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
inductions, leave and fatigue.


Manage equipment bookings and 
equipment maintenance.



Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately.

Streamline operations and eliminate double entry of data with Traffio’s intelligent payroll integration.

Traffio allows you to bulk and automate your invoicing, streamlining your invoicing efficiencies.

Always be connected to your staff with the Traffio App.

Traffio Integrates with popular third-party 
software, so you can find more tools to
streamline your

Traffio notifies you when renewal or expiry dates are approaching, helping you manage your safety and compliance efficiently.

Gain immediate and powerful insight into your daily operations to help you understand how to utilise your workforce and grow your business.

With Traffio’s equipment management, you will know exactly where your equipment is.

Digitalise your paperwork by having all your forms and documents stored in one place.

Store all your client and project details on one platform, making it easy to access contact details and booking information.

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