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Social Inclusion

Gender/Pronouns and Social Inclusion have now been added into Traffio. This new feature allows you to assign employees their preferred Gender/Pronouns in their profiles, while also having the ability to tag any Social Inclusions that relate. Having this representation within the software allows you as a business to set goals and track the diversity and social inclusivity within projects.


Gender/Pronouns are terms by which people refer to themselves as. Respecting these terms in turn respects the person and their identity while demonstrating inclusion in the workforce. These Gender/Pronouns are available to be applied to people in their profile overview. The options of Male, Female, Other or Unspecified are available in Genders, while in Pronouns the options or He/Him, She/Her, They/Them or Unspecified are available to be selected. By default, both gender and pronouns are set to Unspecified.

Social Inclusion

An inclusive society is a society for all, in which every individual has an active role to play. Social inclusion is the process of creating opportunities for all people, improving the terms in which individuals and groups take part in society and addressing deep-rooted systemic inequalities. This inclusion is very important as it promotes tolerance, and embraces diversity while at a personal level it improves a person's dignity, security and opportunities to lead a better life.

Traffio has included a list of different social inclusions within the My Company section in a Social Inclusions tab. These social inclusions work similarly to tags in Peoples profiles. You’re able to attach as many social inclusion tags that are relevant to each person.

From here you’re able to create social inclusion groups, this is done in the social inclusion groups tab located in the My Company section. While creating new social inclusion groups you’re able to link one or more of these social inclusions together.

These social inclusion groups are what are utilised when creating scheduling targets at a project level. When you’ve created your groups you can go to the project that you want to add them to and select the Social inclusions tab inside the projects details. More than one social inclusion group can be applied to a project. Here you are able to select a target scheduling percentage, this is the target percentage of the project's total allocated staff for people who have a social inclusion which apply to the group selected for the project, different percentage target can be set for different groups.

When scheduling People to bookings that are a part of a Project with a Social Inclusions target, the scheduler is able to filter People Resources by those with matching Social Inclusions. This is done by selecting the social inclusions show/hide button while you're allocating resources on the booking board. People with that project-specific social inclusion tag will be highlighted in yellow.

The new "Project: Social Inclusion Scheduling Targets" report has been added, this report allows you to monitor over time the progress and if your Social Inclusion Group scheduling targets are being met. This report is updated automatically overnight. This report shows your Total Allocated Hours which refers to the total number of scheduled people for this project to date as well as the Total with a Social Inclusion Hours which refers to the total number of scheduled people to date who have one or more of the Social Inclusions required for this project.



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