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  • Nicholas Inglis

New card and card provider interface

We've introduced two new dedicated interfaces called 'Cards' and 'Card Providers' to help you track your fuel cards and other vehicle-based accounts. The interfaces can be found in the 'Vehicles' area of Traffio.

Card Providers

You can create as many card providers as you like and name them according to your own conventions to manage your vehicle accounts more effectively. Card providers are the companies that provide the fuel card or account - e.g., BP, Shell, Navman, etc.

You can also specify an 'Expiry Warning Period' for each provider, which dictates when you will see warning statuses about the upcoming card or account expirations.


The cards interface shows all cards that are assigned to vehicles. However, these don't have to be just fuel cards. It can be any vehicle-based account, such as toll roads or fleet tracking.

Each card record may optionally specify an expiry date which will be highlighted in the 'Status' column of the cards' table view. You can customise when these expiry warnings start to appear by modifying the 'Expiry Warning Period' field on the corresponding card provider record.

Deprecated Card Functionality

If you were storing your cards on Traffio before this update, this functionality replaces the ability to store E-Tag, ShellCard, BP Plus and Motorpass account numbers on each vehicle from the vehicle details screen. For existing users, all of these records have been migrated to the new card functionality.



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maintenance, garage locations and documents.


Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
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Manage equipment bookings and 
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