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September Updates

September was a huge month for new features and further development of current features. Self-managed leave was rolled out along with more app updates. To correspond with this the ability to create and select the visibility of leave, meaning that Field workers were able to select what type of leave they were applying for. Bookings that were canceled outside of the cancelation window now are charged based on their configured minimum hours. The client portal was rolled out for beta testing.

Invoicing late cancelation bookings

Client Portal

Self-managed leave

Leave types


Bug fixes

Invoicing late cancellation bookings

When a booking has been called within the cancelation booking window, it's referred to as a late cancelation. This late cancelation previously was highlighted in billing but the chargers had to be manually put in by your invoices. With this new update for late cancelation bookings, the items that are scheduled are now always charged based on their configurable minimum hours set on your rate schedule.

Late Cancelation invoice example

Traffio Client Portal (Beta testing)

The Client Portal is a dedicated web application for your clients, providing them with an interface to connect directly with your business. The aim is to help you improve communication with your clients and better streamline your operations. The initial release of the Client Portal gives your clients visibility into their current and historical bookings & projects.

More specifically, clients can:

  • View bookings' current status

  • View client-visible booking documents & notes

  • View booking permits

  • View works dockets

  • View client-visible forms submitted on-site

The Client Portal by default is turned off due to it currently being in the testing phase so we can get feedback before releasing it to all Trafio users. If your company would like to be included in this testing please, contact us via the feedback button so we can turn it on for you.

Client Portal Invite Example

Self Managed leave

The traffio mobile app has been updated to now include a Leave tab at the bottom of the main street. This section allows workers to view their leave entries in a monthly calendar. A new configuration has been introduced called Workers can submit leave requests, when this config is enabled field workers are able to use this Leave tab to submit their own leave requests for office staff approval. Only users with the Leave approval access permission can approve and reject leave requests. By default, this configuration and permission are turned off.

App view of Leave tab

Leave types

Leave types can now be marked as Visible to field workers. Doing ties in with Self-managed leave and allows field workers to choose the type of leave they are requesting (if that feature is enabled) and also controls which existing leave entries they are able to see. All existing leave types are invisible to workers by default. These can be made visible within the Admin>Leave types section of Traffio.

If you have leave entries in the system that you do not want your field workers to see, you're able to select the leave type that is not visible to workers. Only leave with visible leave type associated with them are viewable in the leave section of the app.



  • Added the ability to create 'user notes' against invoices using the 'History' tab on any invoice screen.


  • Added two options to the travel distance allowance for performing calculations in one direction only and the ability to round the allowance unit up. See 'One direction' and 'Round allowance unit up' on any payroll cost centre details screen.


  • 'Arrive at Depot', 'Leave Depot' and 'Back at Depot' columns on the docket screen are now visible according to the corresponding configurations 'Use arrive at depot', 'Use leave depot' and 'Use return to depot' to bring it inline with the mobile app and print views. See 'Admin' > 'Traffio Config'.

Form submission

  • The appendix with enlarged copies of images uploaded by workers has been removed, in an effort to reduce PDF file sizes.

  • Implemented a small change to ensure a page break never occurs in a diary element when a form is printed or saved as a PDF.


  • A person can now be updated through the third-party API using eth PUT method if the token has write permission

  • Not all fields can be updated

  • This will allow Staffd to update existing users with their new release next week

  • Added third party API end-points for retrieving works docket records. Requires the third party permission 'Works Docket Read Access' to be switched on - see 'Integrations' > Select a 'Personal' third party > 'Works docket read access' field.

New public holiday

  • September the 22nd has been added to all Australian states and territories as a national day or morning to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Added public holiday entry 'Friday before the AFL Grand Final' for Victoria.


  • Added ability to filter booking archive screen by requester, planner and site contact.

  • Added a field to client contact records for internal notes.

Second Emergency Contact

  • A second emergency contact can now be added.

Third-party person API: Second Emergency Contact

  • A second emergency contact has been added.

  • Added to input of POST person: person_emergency_contact_name2, person_emergency_contact_phone2, person_emergency_contact_relationship2

  • Added to output of GET person: person_emergency_contact_name, person_emergency_contact_phone, person_emergency_contact_relationship, person_emergency_contact_name2, person_emergency_contact_phone2, person_emergency_contact_relationship2

MYOB integration

  • Fixed an issue where certain special characters would prevent invoices and timesheets from being pushed into MYOB.

  • Changed the way memory is managed when syncing employees. Aiming to eliminate issues where employee's assigned wage are not all synced

Supplier Document

  • Documents can now be attached to a supplier

  • A documents tab is now available inside each.


  • Various screens automatically populates 'Date to' fields when setting the 'Date from' fields for new records.

  • Added depot name and vehicle friendly name to assigned vehicle induction export.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in people with the new 'Administrator' access level being unable to upload people skills.

  • Fixed the way the Status column was being displayed when merging invoices.

  • The invoice export now includes additional spaces in fields where multiple numbers are comma-separated. This was done to avoid Excel thinking everything in the cell is one large number.

  • Fixed a bug which caused inconsistent results when using the 'Person' drop-down to filter form submissions. The 'Person' filter has been renamed 'Linked Person' (referring to the person the submission is about). A new filter called 'Author' has been added (referring to the person who submitted the form).

  • Fixed an issue where toll data was being matched against vehicles that were removed from bookings.

  • Recovering a (late) canceled booking will now reset any worker's job confirmation status, so they will have to reconfirm when the booking transitions to "Locked."

  • Fixed incorrect warning messages appear regarding missing tax-free pay codes for pay runs using Pronto accounting package.

  • verizon connect : Bugfix for vehicle sync.

  • Client Portal: The user's username (email address) is now displayed when setting a password to create their account as well as in the confirmation email.

  • Fixed an issue where setting cutover thresholds on the rate schedule to something like 99.99 would lead to rounding errors on line item quantities.

  • Fixed an issue where an uncharged break could overlap with pack-up times, resulting in a missing pack-up line item



Manage vehicle bookings, inductions,
maintenance, garage locations and documents.


Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
inductions, leave and fatigue.


Manage equipment bookings and 
equipment maintenance.



Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately.

Streamline operations and eliminate double entry of data with Traffio’s intelligent payroll integration.

Traffio allows you to bulk and automate your invoicing, streamlining your invoicing efficiencies.

Always be connected to your staff with the Traffio App.

Traffio Integrates with popular third-party 
software, so you can find more tools to
streamline your

Traffio notifies you when renewal or expiry dates are approaching, helping you manage your safety and compliance efficiently.

Gain immediate and powerful insight into your daily operations to help you understand how to utilise your workforce and grow your business.

With Traffio’s equipment management, you will know exactly where your equipment is.

Digitalise your paperwork by having all your forms and documents stored in one place.

Store all your client and project details on one platform, making it easy to access contact details and booking information.

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