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November Updates

November saw a continued improvement to how our current features work. We've introduced more in-depth workforce management tools to allow you to better utilise the people section for HR purposes. We also introduced more tools in billing and payroll to facture in more complex and dynamic pay and billing structures.

  1. Workforce management improvements

  2. Billing and payroll improvements

  3. Booking board improvements

  4. Other changes and updates

  5. Bugfixes

Workforce management improvements

The new HR access level permissions in Traffio will provide restricted access to HR-related employee data. This tool allows you to consolidate your employee data in one trusted area, with the appropriate restrictions it needs.

There are two new HR access level permissions. The first, Employment status and data access, allows users to change peoples employment status and dates. By default, this is on for every user. The second permission is people HR notes access. If selected, the user will have the ability to access and create HR-related notes for people. HR notes allow you to store restricted information on an employees profile. This access level is off by default.

Billing & Payroll improvements

As new billing rules and rates have entered the system over the years, we have a collection of different ways to bill your clients. We have consolidated these matrixes into two different types of matrices' [Matrix] Saturday + Sunday and [Matrix] Weekend.' you can enter all the rates you need to use and leave the rest blank. Previously you had to pick the exact matrix you required from a dozen different options. The new matrices support night rates for Saturday, Sunday, Weekend (the previous two combined) and Public Holidays. The billing calendar at the top of rate schedules now also displays "Sat night" and "Sun night" instead of just "Saturday" and "Sunday".

To learn more about the new billing matrices, you can read this helpful article.

Credit notes

Finalised invoices can now have credit notes applied to them to make adjustments against invoices already issued to clients. Credit notes operate very similarly to invoices and use the same status workflows. Likewise, credit notes can be given to clients by email as required.

Credit notes functionality is currently in beta and is only integrated with the SmartConnect accounting package. If you require integrations for MYOB or Xero, please get in touch with the Traffio team.

New Payroll Allowances & options

Payroll now has a list of new allowances that help better accommodate various allowances that users have to pay their employees. We've introduced a new travel distance allowance that allows you to calculate different travel distance rules for your allowances. Travel allowances now will enable you to calculate as kilometres travelled to and from the booking and calculate travel time as a proportion of kilometres travelled beyond a threshold.

We have also added two new 'Employment type' allowances calculated in hours determined from a new field (of the same name) found on the personal details screen. See 'Employment type' allowances in any payroll cost centre details screen.

Booking board improvements

We have added the can drive/can tow filter to the booking board. You will only be considered to be able to tow if you also have a valid licence. If you select a vehicle already in the booking, then only people who have a matching licence will be shown as available. That means that they have:

  • A valid driver's licence

  • Can drive manual if the vehicle is manual

  • Have a matching heavy vehicle licence if required

Other Changes and improvements

  • You are now able to filter the Person Hours and Approx Person Hours reports by Employment Status.

  • Timesheets pushed into KeyPay now include the start and finish times for each pushed rate. This allows you to use KeyPay's Rule Sets to calculate leave accruals based on the number of hours worked.

  • When bulk-saving changes to an ongoing booking, you can now select specific additional future bookings in the series to update.

  • An "Hourly + Docket travel time" billing mode was added to rate schedules. This will honour the "Shift configuration" on the rate schedule and add the docket's travel time.

  • There is now the option to clone people's scheduled start & finish times when cloning a booking.

  • A toggle has been added to payroll cost centres for pushing start/finish times to KeyPay.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where client supervisors could create dockets but not add people, resulting in empty dockets.

  • Person data exports now properly filter results by Employment Status when provided.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the 'Bookings require site contact' config option from being applied.

  • Fixed an issue where booking print pages were missing icons when the page wasn't opened from

  • Fixed typos in some of the available Traffio Configs.

  • Fixed an issue where invoice print pages would not have any formatting applied.

  • Fixed a travel time calculation on invoices in the scenario where you require a crew on the job but do not have any crew rates on the rate schedule.

  • Fixed an issue with the weekend matrix where Sunday works would be charged at weekday rates.

  • Fixed an issue where aggregating invoices would lead to a mismatch in calculated totals. The "Aggregate Selected" button has been re-enabled.



Manage vehicle bookings, inductions,
maintenance, garage locations and documents.


Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
inductions, leave and fatigue.


Manage equipment bookings and 
equipment maintenance.



Traffio’s real-time scheduling allows you to view all your jobs, staff and assets immediately.

Streamline operations and eliminate double entry of data with Traffio’s intelligent payroll integration.

Traffio allows you to bulk and automate your invoicing, streamlining your invoicing efficiencies.

Always be connected to your staff with the Traffio App.

Traffio Integrates with popular third-party 
software, so you can find more tools to
streamline your

Traffio notifies you when renewal or expiry dates are approaching, helping you manage your safety and compliance efficiently.

Gain immediate and powerful insight into your daily operations to help you understand how to utilise your workforce and grow your business.

With Traffio’s equipment management, you will know exactly where your equipment is.

Digitalise your paperwork by having all your forms and documents stored in one place.

Store all your client and project details on one platform, making it easy to access contact details and booking information.

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