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January Updates

New Year, continued updates and development! January brought about updates in current features such as series bookings and the ability to bulk update, more dynamic travel allowances in payroll and the ability to further group in bulk invoicing. Further work with integrations with Verizon Connect now allows users to automatically sync their vehicle data. Outside of the software, there has been massive additions to support resources, including the knowledge base and the addition of videos into the Traffio Youtube channel.

Booking series bulk changes

Ongoing series of bookings are now able to have their details updated in bulk, rather than previously having to go into each booking and update details. These changes allow you to change the start and end time, and when updating, it allows you to select what jobs in the series have these updates by toggling them on.

Break configurations

New "break configurations" options have been added to rate schedules to make your billing more dynamic. These changes mean that you can now control how many hours into your shift that breaks are deducted where previously they were deducted from the end of the shift, furthermore the ability to select what shift qualify for these break deductions. This allows you to turn off break deductions for shifts starting at night or public holidays. These changes allow for breaks to be deducted from a potentially less lucrative rate than previously hardwired. You can now, for example, choose to deduct breaks 5 hours into the shift. This is particularly advantageous when a job runs from the afternoon into the night.


The addition of new invoicing toggles has updated the way you present your invoices. The "Group line items by crew/individuals" toggle creates lines items with names of crew members (or individuals, if crews are not used) and their corresponding line items underneath, which can also be done when bulk invoicing. An "include order number in job description" toggle now if switched on adds the bookings purchase order number to the end of the job description line item. Continual work means that bookings now better handle bookings that have a crew plus an extra vehicle. Previously, drivers of extra vehicles would not be treated as if they were part of the crew, and would lead to extra line items for those drivers. Within bulk invoices, mobilisation and travel time charges now group accordingly where previous disjointed. A new invoice payment term of 42-days was added to allow for unique billing.

Knowledge base

A big overhaul in the Traffio knowledge base has been undertaken to better help you trouble shoot any issues that you might encounter. These can be found through the help tab on the side panel. The updates for current articles and additions of new articles of new features have been created in an easy to follow format. This is a area we are striving to add to so any further articles you want to see, please message us using the feedback button down the bottom of Traffio.

In addition to these articles, videos are being added to our Youtube channel. Learn More

Other Changes

  • Invoices printed through Traffio or sent to Xero and MYOB no longer show quantities (and rates) for line items with names of crews/individuals.

  • Added 'non drivers without take Home Vehicle' option to the non-driver payroll travel allowance settings.

  • Added 'take home and drivers' option to the payroll travel allowance settings.

  • Verizon Connect integration: Traffio now automatically updates linked vehicles' odometers from imported Verizon data. This will occur during any manual or background sync with Verizon.

  • Public holidays for 2022 have been imported into the system.

  • Added a "Download" button to the form submission list to easily download PDFs.

Bug Fixers

  • Added missing "observed" New Years Day public holiday entries for certain Australian states.

  • Added a workaround for a date issue on works dockets by displaying the year in each time input. Previously we displayed "28/12 13:00", which has now become "28/12/21 13:00". The missing year could unwittingly cause a December 2021 docket to become a December 2022 docket, which then also updates the booking's end time to December 2022.

  • Fixed spelling mistakes in a few of the Traffio Configs.

  • Fixed an issue where breaks were no longer being considered before charging meal and site allowances.

  • Fixed an issue saving booking changes if it was the last one in a series of ongoing bookings.

  • Fixed an issue with bulk invoicing.

  • Fixed an issue in billing where allowances would appear on multiple lines instead of being combined.

  • Fixed an issue where time ranges could show twice in line items if you required a crew on the booking but the rate schedule used only has rates for resources separately.

  • Fixed an issue where setup and pack up charges would not calculate appropriately in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly showed the name of a public holiday in a person's shift description. The issue did not affect rates of pay or other calculations.

  • Fixed an issue where crews with uneven breaks would cause doubled up charges if "Display original shift end times on line items when deducting breaks" was also turned on in the cost centre.



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Schedule bookings, manage employee skills,
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